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Naruto is a Japanese anime created by Masashi Kishimoto.
A Nine-Tailed Fox, called Kyuubi, is destroying Konoha (Hidden Leaf Village), and the only one who can stop Kyuubi is the Fourth Hokage, which uses a technique to seal Kyuubi in a child, but for that he had to sacrifice himself. The child who practically saved the village from the demon, is Naruto, who grows up without knowing who his parents are, and is observed by all people with a lot of hate. But, Naruto does not give up on his dreams easily, despite appearing to be weak, clumsy and useless, he has enormous hidden strength. Naruto’s dream is to be stronger than all the previous Hokages and for everyone to recognize him, but it will be a little difficult, because of the incident. Don’t Forget to Check out Crictime

Masashi Kishimoto mini-biography

Masashi Kishimoto was born in Katsuna, Okayama city in Japan, on November 8, 1974. Lover of Ramen, Masashi started drawing at a young age, since his youngest dream was always to be a Mangaka. He started his career with the Karakuri manga that was published in 1996 by the publisher Shueisha. In 1999, his manga Naruto was published by Editora Shounen Jump, where it was his great success.
Manga Naruto not only became one of the most sought-after manga of the moment but also set a record for sleeves that were once considered unsurpassed. Due to the immense success of a partnership between TV Tokyo and Masashi Kishimoto, they decided to create an animated version of the Naruto manga which consequently became became another success.

Style: Anime
Language: Portuguese
Size: 68 MB Per Episode
Season: 6th Season
Chapters: 129 to 151
Video Codec: Real Video
Audio Codec: Real Video
Format : HDTV / RMVB
 List of Episodes:

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