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The Legion of Super Heroes is an animated series produced by Warner Bros.

The series revolves around the adventures of the super-boy in the 31st century, fighting alongside a group of futuristic superheroes known as “Legion of Super-Heroes”.

In the pilot episode, Legion members travel back in time to recruit young Kal-el for a battle in the 31st century against a group called “Fatal Five”.

Thirsty for new adventures and to learn more about his powers (discover through the boys of the future that one day he will be the hero of the entire universe and serve as inspiration for the emergence of several other heroes) young Clark accepts the invitation and goes on to new ones. adventures.
List of First Season Episodes:01. Man of Tomorrow
02. Timber Wolf
03. Legacy
04. Fear Factory
05. Champions
06. Phantoms
07. Child’s Play
08. Lightning Storm
09. Brain Drain
10. The Substitutes
11. Chain of Command
12. Sundown, Pt. 1
13. Sundown, Pt. 2 – Crichd
Language: English – Subtitles PT-BR
Size: 90 MB
Format: TVRip

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